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How to Care for Breasts to Stay Healthy and Fast

Having healthy and firm breasts is a dream for women. But without realizing it, with age, breast elasticity has decreased. This causes the breasts to become sagging. Therefore, it is important to know how to care for your breasts to stay healthy and tight. Sagging breasts, or what in medical terms is known as breast ptosis, is part of the change in breast appearance that women experience as they age. Although age is the most common cause of this condition, there are several other factors that can also cause sagging breasts, such as:
  • Lack of collagen
  • Lack of the hormone estrogen
  • Effect of earth's gravity
  • Weight and height do not match
  • Too large breast size
  • Smoking habit
Some women think that breastfeeding is another cause of sagging breasts, because breastfeeding can stretch the breast tissue. However, there is no research that justifies this assumption. Apart from all the causes mentioned above, there are several ways you can do to avoid sagging breasts.

Tips on Caring for Breasts to Stay Healthy and Fast

Actually, caring for breasts to be healthy and tight can be done in a simple way. Here are some ways you can do:
  • Choose the right bra

  • Be sure to choose the right bra when you want to do certain activities. For example, if you are going to exercise it is recommended to use a special bra for exercise. Sport bras with adequate support can reduce breast movement. According to research, breast movement during exercise can cause the breasts to stretch and sag.
  • Maintain ideal body weight

  • So that the breasts look firmer, you are advised to always maintain a stable body weight. The reason is, weight gain that goes up and down too quickly can affect the elasticity of the skin around the chest. This makes the breasts look tight. However, to reduce weight, it is advisable to avoid dieting patterns that are too extreme.
  • Exercise regularly

  • Although the breasts do not have muscles, the muscles around the breasts, such as the chest, shoulders and back, can be trained to stay tight. By tightening the chest muscles, shoulders, back, then your upper body can become stronger to support the breast. Your breasts can look firmer. You can try chest exercises to strengthen the muscles around the breast.
  • Quit smoking

  • Smoking not only affects blood flow and oxygen to the skin, but can also damage collagen and elastin, thereby causing premature wrinkles and skin sagging, including in the breast. If you are an active smoker, start thinking about stopping smoking for the health and beauty of your breasts.
  • Consume good nutritious food

  • To maintain the shape of the breast to stay healthy and tight, multiply the consumption of nutritious foods, such as vegetables and fruits, fish, and nuts. Eating vegetables and fruits that contain antioxidants can keep skin elastic and reduce the appearance of wrinkles in body areas.
  • Adjust sleep position

  • Sleeping habits can also cause sagging breasts. Sleeping too often in an oblique position makes the breast form unbalanced. In addition, side sleeping also plays a role in the emergence of wrinkles on the face. Therefore, sleeping on your back is recommended to maintain a healthy and firm breast shape.
  • The use of the hormone estrogen

  • Decreased estrogen during menopause can be related to collagen shrinkage in skin tissue, and this can affect the appearance of the breast. Finding ways to increase estrogen levels, for example taking phytoestrogens or supplements, can improve the shape of your breasts. Consult your doctor if you really want to increase estrogen levels to maintain breast firmness.
Many factors can cause sagging breasts, one of which is aging. To slow down the effects of the aging process on the breast and keep your breasts taut, adopt a healthy lifestyle, by eating nutritious foods, stopping smoking, and exercising regularly. Immediately do a check with your doctor if you feel any abnormalities or complaints in the breast.